Poem: Banal pedagogues veil factional repose

Banal pedagogues veil factional repose.

You fill curious language systems with

trenchant arid space.

I use taut thought to

secrete opaque platitudes.

Your valid influence means

women represent droll admonitions of

observation delving into understanding.

Individual scholars form expatriate

pariah societies as

cunning character solutions ebb.

— Mh, Nov. 2010, using magpo.com’s words

3 responses to “Poem: Banal pedagogues veil factional repose

  1. Nice line: “I use taut thought to secrete opaque platitudes.”

  2. Taut/Thought is a nice rhyme but it also works very well metrically because of the adjacency of two strong accents creates a nice syncopation — the iambic uses the “I” as an upbeat to the eighth note of “use” followed by two quarter notes — normally speech pattern pretty much forces this — or else the “I use” is a pair of eighth notes with taught starting the first beat — but then this comes out as ‘taught thought” as two dotted quarter notes — so either way nice rhythm and later platitudes is like a triplet.

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