Nonfiction: Our bodies, our minds

Our bodies can be directly revealed to others, but our thoughts cannot. In a culture where bodies are not hidden much anymore, our minds are, or can be, hidden.  The big secret is now the mind? What we might communicate to others comes from a private place. The media show women’s bodies, often to sell products and movie tickets, but if they showed women’s minds … Maybe there are more people who want to see new bodies than there are people who want to hear new ideas? Media isn’t as quick with new concepts. Perhaps our culture is physically/sexually liberal but with ideas, conservative — in the sense of not wanting to reconsider things. There is a lot of info, facts, pictures, on TV, but not so much talk about creativity, new ideas — are ideas more sacrosanct than sex? Is that what “Brave New World” was getting at — let people have sex (or even encourage them to) so they don’t question basic ideas of society?

— Mh, Journal, 6 August 2009

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