2 poems: Notice to Monument Men

Notice to Monument Men (The Men):

Leave your burdens here

in this spruce-marked graveyard

within steam-cloud reach

of the nuclear cooling towers

that carve parabolic profiles

in concrete,

fifty stories high

into the thick Illinois air

above a corn field,

a gun range,

and a motocross course

between German Church and Razorville roads.

The downriver towns will notice your leavings.


Notice to Monument Men (The Monuments):

I notice you don’t move much.

I notice you don’t have much to say.

I notice that you just stay put and anchor lichen.

You bleed sand from your sandstone.

You form the topcoat of an inverse-highway

where people are laid lowest,

dirt and worms are in the middle,

and the robins traffic

from obelisk to headstone.

— mgh

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