Links: Creative-brain scans; Vonnegut’s advice; desire’s language

1. An article describes neuro-research that offers an explanation for why, during creative engagement, the ideas seem to come from some place we artists can’t explain: the part of our brain that monitors self-control may be shut off at creative times.

2. A letter by Kurt Vonnegut giving advice to a new Iowa Workshop prof. Good advice for anywhere in the Midwest: “Every so often you will go nuts. All of a sudden the cornfields get to you.”

3. Adam Gopnik makes an interesting point:

Desire is not subject to the language of judicious choice, or it would not be desire, with a language all its own. The point of lust, not to put too fine a point on it, is that it lures us to do dumb stuff, and the fact that the dumb stuff gets done is continuing proof of its power.

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