A wonderfully calm, thoughtful, present writing.

Deborah J. Brasket

Writing, or any creative endeavor, to some extent is a leap of faith and a huge personal risk.  Faith that what you have to offer others will be worth the time it takes to read your work, and will add something of value to their lives. And the risk, of course, that you will fail in this attempt, that the work you take such pleasure in creating, and spend so much time and effort on, will not be read, or have the effect on the reader as you had hoped.

So why take that leap, that risk?  Interestingly, I found some clues for why we write in an early draft of one of my short stories, “Tamara in Her Garden”.  It’s because of where we are leaping and why.  Here are those clues:

There is an old Taoist saying: Things are created out of their innermost intuition. I see myself…

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