Nonfic: Euphemism of the day

One of my students, in researching Wilt Chamberlain, found on Wikipedia the statistic that Chamberlain “became notorious for his claim to have had sex with over 20,000 women.” Then my student went to the biography to confirm this fact, and found only this reference (near the end of the article):

Rather he continued to be a voracious reader who also published several books and involved himself with other pursuits including maintaining a lively bachelor’s existence.

Ah, the “lively bachelor’s existence”: that’s one way of saying “had sex with 20,000 women.”

2 responses to “Nonfic: Euphemism of the day

  1. I find it amusing that aside from his incredible basketball exploits, Chamberlain is otherwise today famous for his sexpoits, and yet they are (teehee) whispered about largely. Sorry, but if this guy really had sex with over 20,000 people, shouldn’t he be in some kind of official record book somewhere, simply for the stunning biological scale of such a fervent repetition? I guess this is hard to confirm, though I bet the person who’s done the most jumping jacks in a row has it down in writing and lovingly stamped official somewhere…

    • Yeah, I’m not sure the number makes sense (Chamberlain died aged 63; if he had 50 years (at the outside) of sex, 20,000 divided by 50 equals 400 lovers each year, so more than 1 new lover a day), but I did hear yesterday on “Fresh Air” that Quentin Tarantino’s mom may have been one of the 20,000.

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