Links: Funny and otherwise stuff, 13 Jan. 2013

1. Here’s a bit of cleverness from McSweeney’s: The Von Trapp wedding cancellation and a memo on solving the problem of Maria (as my wife is named Maria and as she has long been annoyed being considered, in song, a problem, I liked this idea).

2. Also at McSweeney’s, an open letter to the “Today” show. I don’t normally have time in my mornings to watch that show, but I did over winter break. There’s something about watching daytime TV that feels indulgent — at least for a day or two. But I’m both drawn to and puzzled by the “Today” show, and for that matter, “Good Morning, America,” too. Why would people as accomplished as attorney Savannah Guthrie and political adviser George Stephanopoulos be on shows that don’t seem to be intellectually challenging? (I wondered this question before I saw and was surprised by the salaries in these jobs. OK, I guess I too might do some mindless things for a salary of millions a year.) These shows seem to spend an amazing amount of resources in order to give beautiful, credentialed people chances to make small talk and giggle. Ah, well: capitalism, huh?

3. Some thoughts on blogging and what to talk about — on not spending your “principal” as a blogger.

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