Links: Meteor video, Kermit, and curricula

1. An interesting view of 1963, seeing the events as news rather than as history.

2. Links to Slate’s article, with video, of the Russian meteor.

3. This article contains a cool “Sam and Friends” video between early-Kermit and what sounds like proto-Dr. Teeth.

4. A continuing discussion of “opaque poetry” at The Dish.

5. A Dish link to a Peter Elbow point about how professors think and talk and write, and a continued discussion at the Dish.

6. An AVClub piece about the multicultural roots of country music.

7. An open letter from some Chicago teachers to U.S. Education Secretary Duncan.

8. Making a curriculum less about facts and more about teaching the process of finding new ideas.

9. As I read this post about the unhealthful effects of arbitrary-defined dog-breed standards, I started thinking about an analogy to the ill-effects of arbitrarily defined curricular standards. (Of course, the analogy breaks down — I’m not suggesting that the Common Core may lead to increased hip dysplasia — but that we may end up with students who are analogously powerful in some areas and weak in others, the unintended consequences.)

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