‘Artsy-fartsy’ shots from a reception

Details from my grandparents’ 65th wedding anniversary reception today, held in their church’s basement. I was accused of taking “artsy-fartsy” shots, and so, let the arts-farts begin:

2013_02_17_mh (31)_web 2013_02_17_mh (42)_web 2013_02_17_mh (72)_web 2013_02_17_mh (91)_web 2013_02_17_mh (106)_web 2013_02_17_mh (114)_web

2 responses to “‘Artsy-fartsy’ shots from a reception

  1. Maybe I’m reading too much into your characterization, but isn’t it interesting that there still is this resistence to the artistic frame. As if to say, “this is our life, don’t try to make it any more special.” Or maybe we have to resign ourselves to the fact that there will always be those fuddy duddies who “accuse” before they appreciate.

    • It’s kinda funny that the person who made the comment is himself an accomplished artist who I have seen take similar photos; I think he may have been teasing me in a self-aware mode, but then I’m not sure what the truth-behind-the-joke is — maybe he thought I shouldn’t be doing the art-thing when I should have been making small-talk?

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