Fame-naming the no-there theres

2013_01_16_mh-15-watertowerWhen I become a hugely famous, national treasure author-public intellectual-creativity guru (I’m not sure exactly whether I’ll hyphenate my talents at that point, or not) and my adoring fans choose to honor me by naming public works and natural places after me, I’d prefer if they avoid the obvious — parks, roads, and buildings — and instead reflect my own grand creativity by christening, say, drainage ditches, median strips, or even air-rights after me. I like the idea of a “Humble Genius Municipal Snowpile” that the municipal crews could reconstruct every year, reminding us all of the fleeting nature of, well, everything.

2 responses to “Fame-naming the no-there theres

  1. A trash alley near where I live was named after the founder of a local law firm. I’m not sure that’s what he would have wanted, but the alley serves an important function for the community!

  2. I love it! Was the intent a gentle (or not-so-gentle) commentary on the founder?

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