Program notes: Follower-spam?

Over the last week or two, I have been emailed a number of notices that I’ve got new followers, but only a few of these seem to be real people. Many of these email notices don’t contain any listing of posts by that follower, and several “followers” seem to have commercially oriented names.

Two questions: 1. Is anybody else getting these lately, and 2. are these fake followers going to lead to me getting new spam every time I add a post?

4 responses to “Program notes: Follower-spam?

  1. 1. Nope, no weird follower spam
    2. I have no idea.
    However, this post showed up in my reader last week:
    Not sure if that has/had anything to do with your problem, but worth looking into, and also some good general security advice.
    Hope this helps–

  2. This is happening to me, too. I get between 2-8 spam-followers a day. I have no idea why.

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