Link: Trend articles are B.S., or, Not everyone’s having lots of sex

This Slate article makes an interesting point in relation to the recent discussion of “hookup culture” inspired by a recent New York Times story that, while it did offer some anecdotes of people who aren’t having lots of sex, focuses mostly on collegians who are. The Slate article points out that particular demographic groups — wealthy white kids — tend to have more sex partners than college students in general do.

What I particularly like in the Slate article is where it points out that “people with privilege” are used as the default case for all college students:

Their ideologies dominate our discourses, their particular set of values gets to appear universal, and everyone is subject to their behavioral norms.

I know that news articles that attempt to point out social trends are often based on flimsy evidence from a narrow subgroup of people, but I’m glad to see this pointed out now and then. It’s helpful to me to be reminded (though I’m long out of college) that it’s OK to not be sharing the values (of various ways of being) that seem to be popular.

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