Keith Haring’s Road Repairs

tar_haringsWe suspect there’s a local road-maintenance worker who likes to make the work of filling pavement cracks an ode to the art of Keith Haring.

tar_harings (2)We think of this person as a tar artist, or a “tartist.” There’s some compelling tartistry on display.

tar_harings (3)Also, when there’s more tar than pavement, maybe it’s time to re-pave.

UPDATE: This neighborhood’s roads were repaved on or about 15 August 2013 — the art is gone! But the roads do make more sense now, monolithically speaking.

UPDATE 2, Sept. 2014: For more unintentional Ogle County art, see here.

3 responses to “Keith Haring’s Road Repairs

  1. It doesn’t look like your tartist even followed the cracks, as the tartist did on our road. It does appear that his/her intent was…art (?).

  2. You’re right — it’s as if the tartist got overwhelmed by the Sysiphean impossibility of filling all the cracks, and burst through convention.

  3. Perhaps boredom became a factor. Or the tartist was a free spirit from the get-go.

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