Stephen Justice Benitez


stevie_j_2013_09_07_mh (106)our cat, Stephen Justice Benitez.

His name used to be just “Justice,” and at home, he goes by “Kitty” or, when he’s on our dining room table, “CAT!” But having now taken on this more important-sounding moniker, he is also constructing a more important career than simply being a moth-hunter. He recently revealed that he may have been an “alleycat extra” in the movie “Flicka” and he expects to soon be named U.S. Ambassador to Chile.

(Note: My wife said there’s something about living with the daily weirdness that is a cat’s behavior, and how that weirdness has started to seep into how we talk about him.)

Stephen Justice plans to murder an avian something:stephenjustice (1)Practicing self-decapitation:stephenjustice (2) The slope of the cat’s sleep is y = -x.stephenjusticeBall of cat.stephenjustice (3)Tomato-camo:2013_07_26_mh (5)_stevejusticebenitez

8 responses to “Stephen Justice Benitez

  1. Stephen Justice looks very composed…Is he a British Short Hair?

    • Possibly. We found him as a stray, on the steps of our local courthouse (thus the name “Justice”), so we don’t know his background. Some people have also told us he looks like a Russian Blue, which, if I understand the genetics, may be related to the British Short Hair? At any rate, he’s the first cat I’ve lived with and he’s got a pretty confident personality, pretty out-going.

      • I believe he is British Short Hair…I simply love the breed…But actually the breed simply doesn’t matter once you form a bond with your pets and they turn out to be real darlings…..

  2. I enjoy your comments and your captions…just not felines. Thanks for the entertainment, you and Justice.

  3. Ah my favorite “stalking” cat….circles you until you notice…..then he has you.
    He rolls over….and as you are gentle with your pats, he awaits….. and then…..SPLAT! he attacks! Oh, I’m on to you mysterious one….you look at me with those big golden eyes….just observing…..purring…..waiting……but wait!! What’s in the other room……and off you go as if chasing a bat…
    fickle beautiful looking CAT!!

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