Ogle Co. criminals rob, of all things, a food bank

According to its Facebook page, a food pantry in the Ogle County city of Rochelle has been robbed:

“We at Hand in Hand have some very troubling news. We have had a major theft. Our full freezers were emptied and our shelves were just about emptied also. The theft has been reported to the police and they are investigating. It is a federal offense to steal from us because we receive food from the National food bank. When someone steals from us the are really stealing from the poorest people in our area. We are very sad and disturbed by this turn of events but we will persevere, our clients need us to keep going.”

I’m not sure exactly what this says about Ogle County and its criminals, but it sure seems to say something.

UPDATE: Here’s a local TV story about this robbery.

2 responses to “Ogle Co. criminals rob, of all things, a food bank

  1. Well, whatever it says could no doubt be said about a lot of places in this nation.

  2. Yes, I don’t mean to say the city above is worst in the nation or anything. But it’s weird when a crime this nonsensical and reverse-Robin Hood happens.

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