‘So easy it is actually hard’: A student compliments my creative writing class

I gave my creative writing students (high school seniors) a “Kreativity Kwizz” a few days ago, and one of the students gave an answer that I read as one of the best compliments I could get on this class:

“I know that this class is by far the most unique, weirdest class I have ever taken, and that it is so easy it is actually hard.”

This statement shows me that my student really gets, really understands, that being creative doesn’t require doing the things that people typically think of as hard work: solving lots of math problems or memorizing facts for a test (although I do ask students to memorize a few poems). Learning creative practices requires different thinking, or even no-thinking, which are themselves  challenging. I also just love the way this student worded this idea, showing her own creativity!

3 responses to “‘So easy it is actually hard’: A student compliments my creative writing class

  1. That’s awesome. Especially considering the nature of your previous post. I think you are the teacher i wish i had.

  2. Correction. I am sure your are the teacher I wish I had. Maybe it wouldn’t have taken me 20+ years to discover my passion.

  3. Thanks for your compliments as well. I teach in the ways that make sense to me, and those ways might help some students a lot and other students not so much. But at least I try to show them some new ways to look at things. I’m glad you found your passion, even if it did take 20+ years. I have long felt that my passion lay in writing, but it has taken me 20+ years to figure out what kind of writing, and how to go about it. Maybe 20 years is the standard artist’s apprenticeship?

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