Testing Mania

While this isn’t exactly what my students face, I do appreciate this post pointing out the ongoing absurdity of the testing ideology.

A Post-Academic in NYC

As an adjunct instructor of English at One College In Particular, I am required this semester, thanks to a new program, to send my students to the testing center to take exams that are written by people who never met the students in my class and who don’t know my students or what I am teaching them. Other tests, I am to give in class myself.

Yes, this is the state of American higher education now:  a low-wage teacher (but one with a lot of letters behind her name) is hired to teach a class. But she must automatically, and without question, agree to give up several class sessions to examinations. This semester, I was told when to give students various tests and what kind of tests they would be. I was also told that, if students did not pass this one REALLY important test, they could not pass the…

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