Real-life dramas: Lost cash at Dandy Donuts, 4 pounds of crap on a 2-pound plate

Dandy Donuts, Rockford, Illinois, Wednesday 30 July 2014, 11:56 a.m.

A woman customer, probably in her 20s, came back into the cafe, saying that she’d lost the cash she’d received a few minutes earlier as change. The cash belonged to her coworker, for whom she had ordered food. Dandy’s owner Dan came around the counter and searched the booth where the young woman had been sitting as she waited for her food to be prepared. Then Dan said, “Where were you parked at? Let’s go check it out,” and they went outside.

A 60-ish white guy who was sitting in a booth from which he could see the door and the sidewalk outside told the young man sitting at the table next to him that he’d seen a different woman pick up the cash outside and walk away. This 60-ish guy then went outside to tell Dan and the young woman what he saw.

The woman left, and Dan came back in. At 12:05 p.m., Dan told this story to people sitting at a booth near the front door. He said the young woman had also, earlier that day, lost a credit/debit card. And I’m not sure, but I gathered that Dan may have given the young woman some money to make up for the lost change.

Other dramatic (or not) moments I witnessed yesterday:

* Also at Dandy Donuts, a white-haired dude of approximately 75 years said to a young man, “I had to sell all my stock to move into Peterson Meadows [retirement community]. I had a ton of Pepsi stock and it’s all gone now. Supposedly I’m set for life now.” Then he ordered both of the two remaining pieces of rhubarb pie and said to the waitress that something — I’m not sure what — “doesn’t made much difference, does it? Not with rhubarb.”

* At the Beef-A-Roo restaurant across Riverside Boulevard and a block or two west of Dandy Donuts, at about 1:30 p.m., a 50-ish woman told her two other female companions that she has “4 pounds of crap to do on a 2-pound plate.”

* Later in their conversation, one of the other two women said [perhaps of her step-son] she saw that he’d posted a picture of a cat to Facebook. “You can’t put gas in your car, but you can have a cat?” she said, and later, when she told that her husband had offered to put the son up in a hotel, she said, “You shoulda seen the roof come off the house when I got mad that day.”

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