Family portraits by six-year-old me

I recently found these drawings, marked August 1980, in the baby book my mom made for me.

My dad

My dad

It speaks either to my skill, or to my resemblance to my father, or both, but when my wife saw this drawing, she thought at first that it was depicting me.

My mom

My mom

I couldn’t now tell you why mom’s one eye is bigger and double-circled, and why her nose is so equilateral.

My grandmother Phoebe

My grandmother Phoebe

Her hair has been this short for most of the time I’ve known my grandmother, but, honestly, her hair has never had a lot of body.

My mom's aunt (my great-aunt) Betty

My mom’s aunt (my great-aunt) Betty

OK, I really am not sure what’s going on with the chin-shading. I don’t recall my great-aunt having a beard, so I’m hoping this was just a shadow? Or maybe an oddly high turtleneck?

My great-grandmother Alice

My great-grandmother Alice

For a six-year-old, I did a decent job of representing the shapes of these faces in a way that somehow does remind me of these actual people.

3 responses to “Family portraits by six-year-old me

  1. Maybe you as a kid could pick out the salient features of people…kind of like the “out of the mouths of babes” thing.

  2. It’s wonderful that you still have these! These drawings remind me of the drawings my two six-year-olds are doing right now. 🙂

    • Yeah, I’d forgotten that I’d done these. It’s definitely like looking at the work of someone who’s not me as I am now — and yet, they also sorta seem like something I could’ve done.

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