Boundaries and bouncy balls: A college Saturday

This is another journal text from my first year of college. This day, I played in the Pep Band at a football game where the lopsided score was caused by, as I recall, the Canadian football team executing plays that had them running out of bounds on the narrower American-football field. Then I returned to my dorm and read some of my world-history class textbook, and then later went to hang out with friends I’d made who were a year older and lived at a house off-campus. I’d met these friends through my dorm roommate, Gerrad. I can also remember who Chad, Trisha, Darrick, Gramps (actual name: Glenn), and Jay were, but I don’t remember Dan, Marty (Matt), nor Jay’s girlfriend Carrie. 

The talk about superballs below is about finding actual bouncy rubber balls (in order to throw them at each other, if I recall). This journal reminds me that I enjoyed spending time with this group of guys because they did not drink (because, according to lore, they had gotten sick as dogs from one drinking spell the year before). I wasn’t interested in drinking then either, and these were smart, fun-loving guys who had also grown up in small towns as I had — I felt lucky to have fallen in with them. 

Sat. 10.24.1992

Warm day–in 50s. Cold at top of football stands, though. Wore extra sweatshirt, but not enough. Tech played Manitoba–Tech won 76-34 . We got so sick of fight song. Played it over and over–once for each of 11 touchdowns, and at beginning, end, halftime, etc. Came back and read SS120 book. Dan was over studying for a while. Music from next door rattled walls, as always. Went over to Jay’s at night, 10:30. Marty (Matt), Gerrad, Darrick, Gramps, and I went on a ‘commando run’ for superballs. Our efforts were thwarted, however, by the famine of superballs in the Copper Country. Only store that even had them was Pat’s, and their machine was broken. Gramps said it was as if Jay – who was home with Carrie–was watching over us. Went back to house and rough-housed and watched SNL. Chad’s woman Trisha was over. We had good behavior, for a while. Later we walked down to Subway and left barf–Chicken Tonight— on sidewalk by hotel. Played euchre later.

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