My Hand, Writing

I'm layin' down some words.

I’m layin’ down some words.

So, I’ve been filming myself writing.

Yes, this is me just playing with my smart phone’s camera. And yet, when I watch these videos, I’m a little startled by the weirdness of watching my hand moving across the page and not knowing what I’m gonna write.

But it also strikes me that this is not a type of video one typically sees. When a movie shows a hand writing, there’s usually a voice-over reading the words as they’re written. And I’m used to looking at my writing while I hear my own “inner voice” stating the words that I will write next, so watching a video of writing makes me aware of how quiet it is, how unobtrusively writing fits in to even a typically non-intellectual place like a small-town McDonald’s or Jimmy John’s.

Me 'n' some people lucky enough to witness my writing, 13 Aug. 2015, McDonald's, Oregon, Illinois.

Me ‘n’ some people lucky enough to witness my writing genius, 13 Aug. 2015, McDonald’s, Oregon, Illinois.

Of course, these videos, silly as they are, might be verging on this.

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