Chicago, up-close

No establishing shot, this:


Chicago. 24 Nov. 2016

Chicago. 24 Nov. 2016

With no signage or iconic buildings visible, this could be a photo taken in a hell of a lot of places, which shows the limitations of seeing places only through names, or having a simplistic view of a city. But as I took this photo, I almost had a sense of the curb concrete, the grass, the leaves, not knowing what I know, but just being there, and that what I knew didn’t mean much outside my mind.

Names marking the place unnamed in the photo above.

Names marking the place unnamed in the photo above.

See also this.

3 responses to “Chicago, up-close

  1. Context is everything
    or arguably in graphic
    …nothing at all….

  2. What we know
    means nothing
    outside of our

    Inside our knowing,
    it’s too dark to see.

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