My mind will soon grow sluggish—perhaps already it slugs

Was reading in my Boswell London Journal 1762-63 on page 292, Thurs. 28 July, and saw Boswell write (There is now enough sunlight to cast shade. It might not last. There was a map of “thunderstorm fuel” (aprox. quote) on the local morning TV showing plenty of fuel in this location later on today. The boy-anchor said it looked like a lava-flow forecast.) Anyway, Boswell writes that “my lagging Journal, which, like a stone to be rolled up a hill, must be kept constantly going”—and that he was “bringing up” his journal, as if he did like I did in ’92-’93, writing multiple days’ journals in one sitting—and, yeah, I am just tired today and my mind will soon grow sluggish—perhaps already it slugs (does as a slug does, rather than meaning “to hit”). Winds could be up to 60 m.p.h., the a.m. dude said. I’m looking across table at an image of a man—an older (70-ish) man, if I’m not mistaken, using a garden tractor plow in some kind of garden-tractor plow event at Oregon.

[From journal entry of Mon. 27 May 2019, Journal 303, page 57]

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