People will probably hang with their friends

… Being picked for Freshly Pressed– I’m not sure if general public gets to see that or not. I emailed Doug but the link I had when I could see Fresh. Press. didn’t take me to the same place later when I put that link into address of a blank browsing window. Oh, after WordPress told me my browser was not only out of date but also a security risk (the news this week about a new hack-path into Internet Explorer), I downloaded Firefox & set it up on this home computer.

And it’s 6:07. I’ll stop at 6:15. … And what else? It is Homecoming week. I told M Tuesday at Beef A Roo that I’m not really looking forward to having to see all these people at Reunion. … I don’t want to have a lot of awkward conversations. … Ah, well, I probably won’t have too many of those, really—people will probably hang with their friends. … And what else? I ate late, after 8, cottage cheese and a salad I made, while watching M.A.S.H. Cat was absorbing pets without getting bitey this morning.

Krugman gets a 100+ comments for every post, or every other post. Yeah, I’ll just hold off a few days, don’t force yourself to write if you feel drained and whatnot. And you don’t always have to be philosophical or serious—light stuff is OK. I’ve been blogging for a year, with hardly anybody noticing. Now other bloggers at WP are noticing. But don’t think about that too much.

[From Thurs. 20 Sept. 2012, 5:36 a.m., Journal 166, page 95-7]

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