These journals never had or purported to be complete records

I got the WYSE Team registered this week. That’s something that was on my mind for weeks as a task I needed to do. And I have graded lots this week, and I’ve worked with many students—Rhet & Comp kids on their research papers, Creative Writing kids on their portfolios. I’ve been surprised by how many kids use Google Docs but skip Google Drive—I wonder if students nowdays aren’t as likely to think of working in file systems. One student said he moved each of 16 files into a folder one at a time. He wasn’t aware of highlighting several at once, I guess. But presumably kids will change as they grow and need to do different types of computer projects.

But it doesn’t help me to look at all the work I did this week—it seems exhausting—and it doesn’t help to look at all the work I have yet to do. Do what you can, you know—I mean, do what you can at the moment.

It’s 6:38. I’ve gotta get the dog walked again—he didn’t poop on our earlier walk. There’s so much about my experience that I don’t say—but these journals never had or purported to be complete records of all my life activities, you know?—

And yeah—a dog is presence—and probably it wouldn’t hurt to think of a person as a presence, too—as something, as a being, who’s magically alive, “magical” in the sense of inexplicable—and in the sense of one’s life—one’s consciousness, one’s mind, one’s presence—never being fully capturable in any medium, nor fully understood in realtime.

[From journal of Fri. 14 Dec. 2018, Journal 290, page 217-9]

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