‘Water. Water. Yep, that’s it. Bye, love you.’

She must be a S_____ coach—she is wearing a gray shirt with red collar and stripe from collar down shoulder. She says it’s about “40 from S_____”—40 minutes—

And where was I? Oh, the camping dude said he takes his kids camping because he camped as a kid—and this Gray Shirt says she’d like to be back for 4th hour today … and keep that class on same schedule as others—”15 teachers out at the high school”—and 5-6 each building—”GOOD IDEA,” she sarcasted. “Our building has sickness, like, crazy.” “30% of our kids gone.” She’s snippy, but she seems to think she’s interesting and her complaining is interesting.

Wow, look at me being snarky—and judgy. But this lady is the one who had to listen to the Python girl last break. “What kind of superintendent thinks a district our size could cover 28 subs in one day?” for some training for the teachers. “It’s insane to have” so many teachers gone.

And back to me. Why did this camping guy brag about how he takes his kids camping and how “that’s not us”?

This lady also said she didn’t get the “awards were postponed” [message]. Gray Lady still complains about the many people gone for training: “That’s what that’s for—that’s what those are for,” and she doubts that “some guy from Stevenson” is gonna be able to speak to S___ [school’s] particular situation.

“So? You don’t wash those. Water. Water. Yep, that’s it,” says Gray Lady to her phone. “Bye, love you.”

“‘Can you wash suede heels?’ Yeah, she’s a freshman” at college, says Gray Lady.

[From journal of Thurs. 14 March 2019, Journal 300, page 139-42]

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