A preacher, not a seeker

4 p.m. Watching Louise Hay on Oprah.

Your thoughts can change your life—I’m not sure if I accept that as true. I’m not sure how to accept that, what does it mean?

Maybe this isn’t the best idea for obsessive-compulsives, who already believe their thoughts control their lives.

Why the fear? of death (as my brother seemed)

I don’t need to be afraid of these ideas.

… felt the “core of peace”—make lists from a place of acceptance, not shallowness

Love List—all these people are just mistaking coincidences & correlation for causation? Their list is just their belief in the possible. Oprah: “my belief is miracles.” So all this is basically about faith?

They’re finding patterns where none exist? Why are we setting goals—that cultural habit of the moment.

Hay: “the universe gives you ideas”—universe?

Martha Beck—confusing quantum physics with energy. “If you don’t need anything, everything comes to you.”

L. Hay—You have to forgive, let go (those words) of the past before you can heal yourself.

My brother said it sounded terrible, painful, to him to hear me say I hate my life less than I did.

These examples people have—their lives were bad, and now (a year later) better. Why label either?

Cheryl Richardson, 3rd expert.

OK, I can get, I can agree with, letting go negative thoughts. But trying to control …”deciding to go with courage rather than fear”

Why this “work” (as Oprah called it)? Why would we control our thoughts? The woman whose husband lost his job—L. Hay says he was resisting leaving it so it was taken from him. Why such a self-satisfied bullsh!t explanation?

I mean, I don’t want to oppose this. I don’t want to criticize it. But I just don’t think it fits me.

3 things you want in your life on a sticky note—L. Hay, on mirror.

What a choppy, unfocused episode of Oprah–a couple minutes on an example, and then another commercial. I may not have even watched Oprah before.

So, what would I really want?

  • Move to Madison (but we’d miss here?)
  • Be out of debt
  • Have a job I love
  • Enjoy the process of writing a book

Aren’t these all external conditions, though? And happiness doesn’t need to rely on these?

Interesting—the woman whose husband was out of work—they didn’t tell their friends because they didn’t want the dark energy—she didn’t want to go to a “dark place.”

OK, and yet, others are just offering sympathy, condolence, human support.

Oprah’s a preacher, not a seeker—and jeez, she reminds me, with her unthinking assurance in metaphysical stuff, of ___

All these testimonials from her watchers—they don’t seem to have big problems? No big illnesses

Oprah’s line about her guests’ books: “All of them will help you on the journey to yourself.”

Maybe, OK—So I was joking when I described my life to my brother—”hating my life less”—So maybe I should use other words? Yet, that’s silly, too.

[From journal of Thurs. 12 June 2008, Journal 101, pages 67-9]

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