I would like to say something deep

I would like to say something deep—and there goes the cat off my lap—in the short time I have left (I read while on toilet about Trump getting rid of DACA and the Savage Love. The AVClub’s new Kinja format is kind of annoying. My sites I read are getting worse—well, not all—but then, I don’t need to be reading entertainment news—and there seem so many “buy this stuff” ads and posts at AVClub.com now).

Anyway, these are merely complaints. Now for a mere wish—I’d like to say something significant today! Right now! Hah, yeah, that isn’t likely to work. Ambition seems disconnected from insight, whatever mental faculties these are. I could write about this note from a couple nights ago: Unsuccessful Time Management as a book title (M has a book Successful … also Tim management?) And I could also write about assumptions–we make–ick. I’m not so keen on that second one—it seemed Earnest, and that’s the problem—not that I want/need to be some laid-back, cool dude—I’m intense and hot quite a bit—if Charlie and M and others are to be believed!

Dreamed somehow I was with [my family], doing some fishing, but all I recall is not being on the water but someone descaling a muskie or big pike and also __ trying to get a fishing line out of a tree.

[From journal of Weds., 6 Sept. 2017, Journal 259, page 75]

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