I’m back after Sam barked really loud and long

I’m back after Sam barked really loud and long a couple times from west side of house. I saw ___ walking past on ___. I hugged Sam and got my face close to his and then I voiced Sam’s objection, that he’d want me to move so he could see something besides my face. But I told him his nose is cold (it had touched my right ear) and a cold nose is a good nose. He humped the cat’s biscuit-bed and then M’s neck pillow this morn. He gets on a kick sometimes. And Sam wanted in, or looked in but hadn’t pawed for in, after being out since before I started journaling. And yet, I’m still tired—it’s dumb when I go to bed late, as I did Thurs. night. So, I napped most of an hour between 8 & 9 yesterday, got up and made eggs and we left for Rockford—got there about 10. I shopped, got M about 11 (the traffic and lights were favorable. I was doing nearly 60 down Perryville and in middle lane of three westbound State Street lanes between Perryville and Mulford). And we came home. I put away stuff in fridge, watched 2 Law and Orders (season 15 closer, maybe, and s16e1, I think, about a kidnapper bargaining for no jail time ‘cuz he’d hidden the girl) and I quit TV at 2 and napped approx. 2:40 to 4:40, up and M not yet home but soon after, about 5, and I ate a slice of pizza—no, a square of pizza-and yogurt with blueberry jam & cinnamon cereal. And M left to meet __ at her office at about 6 and I followed at about 6:45 after finishing s8e4 of It’s Always Sunny in Phila— with Alexandra Daddario dating Charlie—and then I went there to M’s office. The key copies I had made Thurs. morn seemed to work.

[From journal of Sat., 15 June 2019 , Journal 304, page 58]

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