So, dog to vet—dog just shivered

So, dog to vet—dog just shivered, just vibrated, while on the exam table. He had a little blood drawn. … M said [vet] sprayed some of the injections on Sam’s fur. I asked, did it get into Sam? M thought yes—so, we hope—$230 there, onto my credit card, which is down to about 900 available credit, I figure. I put on about $1,000 in the last month—live cheaper, Matt—’course, that includes Blick bill for journals and $170 last week at Books on First. But I just remembered I spent $100-plus at B & Nobel—CDs, M’s Astaire-Rodgers DVD—and I’m not sure I recorded that. M could work some more, make some more money. I know, she doesn’t always feel good enough to work, and I’m probably just blaming M because I’m worried about the larger situation—oh, well, you’ll be OK. Money will come. Money’s tight now, yes, but you don’t need to worry about it.

[From journal of 29 Dec. 2011, Journal 151, page 45-7]

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