My picture of me with long hair

[A school supervisor of mine said] how my picture of me with long hair was one of (or the) most surprising teacher pic—he said he had a brother with long hair, so maybe he’s not too shocked, though he said, “I don’t like the culture” of skateboarding.

Picture of me from a Daily Illini column, 1995.

But this relates to [a teacher colleague] in parking lot talking to me after school, how “that’s the guy who came to talk to my journalism class” in late ’95 or early ’96, I think. And that reminded me of how I was a different person there, the fleeting nature of self—I thought of interviewing others to see what I was like externally then. I didn’t put on a very good presentation, that’s for sure, not like I could now.

I said to [my colleague], yeah, maybe they should’ve looked into my past more before hiring me!

Idea from 11/18 evening:

—having fiction ideas in daily life, but they usually seem fake right away (that danged judgmental part of my mind), but maybe these ideas, when in composing mind, wouldn’t seem so bad.

—what M said about how your subconscious can’t deal with, can’t defuse, teasing/sarcasm/irony. What I said about how TV’s irony and cleverness will never come from honest, open composing

—anything done in time (on deadline) and repeatedly doesn’t need to be done well. And all performances in real time don’t need to be that great, either. Heroes’ quests aren’t conquered every day, you know. Humans can’t handle that.

[From journal of Fri., 19 Nov. 2004, Journal 39, page 224-5]

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