So, yes, I went to Formerly Cacciatores’ for cereal

So, yes, I went to Formerly Cacciatores’ for cereal and O.J. and got a Chicago Tribune and an apple fritter and filled pastry—I haven’t done that in a while—and home, ate breakfast, read paper, napped til 1:30 or so. M and I, did we watch TV or something? Not a lot of it—and we left around, what, 2-2:30? I’m not sure—to mall. I got a wall phone and CDs to burn at Radio Shack. M got new (“refurbished” or some word) cell battery at U.S. Cellular station—then Beef a Roo, then got dog food and Woodman’s, home about 6*—after we unpacked groceries, we started watching “Confessions of a Shopaholic” (merely clever joke: too much shopahol) and I got bored and went to garden after while. We took recycling and the two movies that were due back to Byron about 9—bed late, for some reason. And what else?

Oh, at *, I went to watch “Today” show open. They’re still mostly about Michael Jackson—I don’t get why his death is so interesting. Maybe commercial media feels they have to give people what they want. But I just don’t care. I guess my inclination is to just stop watching media for a few days. It’s weird, somehow, that that’s my best option, but so it would seem…

Anyway, yeah, so, tension in liquor checkout (maybe people feel a bit, a slight big, guilty or something there, anyway—maybe they’d have more patience in a regular (nonliquor) checkout?) And M said people in the city are more patient. They expect to have to wait for others, traffic, whatever.

[From journal of Mon., 29 June 2009, Journal 113, page 31]

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