5:55 a.m. flip-phone time

5:55 a.m. flip-phone time—which seems a minute ahead of my smart phone’s stated time.

Damn, I felt pretty good yesterday, but then I started to feel that old weariness, and by 9 last night, I was almost painfully tired, eager to go to bed, etc. Ah, well. I did talk 45 minutes or so with [an administrator at my school] about the discussion from Friday, and also a little about my background and his. He taught … in a program (for emotionally disordered kids) where there was no punishment. Kids were allowed to walk out, etc. He said he got some respect as a man. The women took more abuse from the kids, he said.

And, I’m still not clear how to get the test written, but I’m trying to be good here, trying to go along. I do respect [this administrator]—he’s a smart, caring dude, he’s thoughtful—great qualities in [an administrator].

And, yeah—another half-inch to inch of fluffy snow. I pushed the driveway after getting back from dog walk to Blackhawk Park. We saw four deer running into and back out of (from the new Glacier Road curve) Fawn Ridge [subdivision].

And I seemed to point them out to Sam—then he seemed to see them. I was loving, appreciating, my dog last night—how he may not always be with me, which is tough to say, and maybe not the healthiest way to look at a loved one.

[From journal of Weds., 17 Feb. 2016, Journal 222, page 50]

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