I kinda like the rawness of Thoreau’s journal compared to Walden

… but I don’t need to modify the post from last night. It’s done, move on. Say something else next time.

Oh, made my first “Mr. Hagemann and his Teachings” last night—well, 9th hour—and gave it to D____ 10th hour. He said he’d keep it. I said he didn’t have to, but give it back to me rather than throw it away. I said my goal is to become famous so that he could sell that book for a million bucks many years from now. I’m partly ironic, maybe partly not, there.

How I kinda like the rawness of Thoreau’s journal compared to Walden, the edited journals. I haven’t read all that much of the journals, but then I haven’t read all of Walden either. A__’s contest makes a big deal—a sign of accomplishment—out of completing the reading of an entire book. But I don’t want to read all of Thoreau’s journals, or even all of a selection of them—just like I don’t want to read all of my own journals!

M said Justice is too sincere for the club. (We were singing “Ladies leave your cat at home.”) I said he’s not sincere. M: “He’s sincere—in his hatred.”

“The cat just put himself to bed in my sock drawer” and slept there all night, M said now.

[From journal of Sat., 2 Feb./33 Jan. 2013, Journal 170, page 38-9]

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