This weekend I followed my feelings

This weekend I followed my feelings, which said, “no, I don’t want to do anything more.” I didn’t stitch that third block of grocery-bag signatures, I didn’t glue that Xmas ad-flyer onto the second stitched-but-uncovered set of signatures, and I didn’t photograph filled journals, though I considered doing that, too.

So, yeah—it’s a quiet weekend. And that’s OK. At least I got a little more sleep than usual. Here’s hoping we don’t have to drive into city for Thanksgiving on Thursday—though I remember Aunt D__’s voice from recent years telling me to drive in (her point being that M lives here with me alla time—we can do her family thing on holidays).

So, yeah—6:32 [a.m.]– I gotta go poop the dog and shower. Skip the shave. Get to school on time for faculty meeting.

There were blue outside lights at A___’s this morning—in support of that Rockford cop killed a couple weeks ago. But damn, they don’t give off much light. But as Rockford firesfighter, he [A__] wanted to show his support for police. I haven’t seen blue lights at the L__ house, where Rockford cop lives, in our ‘hood.

And so, here I am, a little tired but ready to face my day. Today won’t be too tough, I don’t think. I can type up notes 1st hour so kids can use these. I feel OK. I’m ready to go work. I’m not dreading it or anything.

I wasn’t entirely unproductive. I did three loads laundry. I cut an onion for M as she made chili in p.m. I ate leftover pizza for late lunch and Reese’s Chips Ahoy in p.m. No chili for me.

[From journal of Mon., 20 Nov. 2017, Journal 263, page 69-71]

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