Teachers there not to teach so much as to parent the students

I sensed Friday that some of my fellow teachers are there not to teach so much as to parent the students, that they see themselves in that light, as trying to provide the whole, all-encompassing, well-rounded experience for their kids—and I’m not sure that’s the best way to be, not for me, certainly. I already have enough to do and I suspect these people, these teachers who act like that, have too much to do. These are some who, like ___, are on blood-pressure drugs, etc.

People last few years have started calling prescribed drugs “meds,” which  at first seemed like childish, baby-talk truncation of “medicines”—because you often hear elementary school people say this word. And yet, now I wonder if it’s maybe an attempt to use “drugs” only for illegal drugs but “meds” for prescribed drugs, to make kids think there’s a difference there, which there may or may not be.

[From journal of Mon., 21 Feb. 2005, Journal 44, page 109-110]

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