Writing from my experience to those who are younger

Back at 8:38 with eggs + rice + cheese. And I may not have much Will to Do today, either. Ah, well.

Maybe I write in clichés, or at least sometimes I use these pre-fab phrases. Eh, I’m not gonna fret about it. The Slate guy may have a point, that when writing is familiar, we can merely skim it. Yet, that’s also efficient, eh? We can be new, make new texts that are quite novel, and slow readers down so much that they give up—ha!

But I kinda like this idea about writing from my experience to those who are younger. I mean, no, I don’t want to condescend, but I’m also reminded of how I learned things from alternative mags and non-bestseller books, like Four Arguments for Elimination of TV, and whatever mag article it was where I read the idea that the NYTimes’ Corrections section makes it seem like everything else in the Times was correct. I recall that being a new perspective-giving idea back when I was in college, maybe already at Daily Illini (that’s what I picture, that central spot in newsroom where NYT sometimes ended up). And I also am thinking of that recent thing at AVClub where a dude said he learned something from a political statement made by a certain band he liked as a kid.

(Woof, I turned off S.A.D. light and noticed how overcast this day is.)

And my own blog post about editing away context to make a text interesting— that strikes me now as a unique thought, and as something I would’ve enjoyed reading at age 20 or so.

[From journal of Sun., 31 Jan. 2016, Journal 221, page 14-5]

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