Phoebe Doughty Vasey (born 1847 in Bloomington, Ill.)

I worried that we couldn’t find cat. What if that little f**ker had escaped? And we looked for him and found him behind the bottom-tier of shirts in my closet, left side. Dog has pulled most of the blankets off his bed. …

I got on computer in 4 p.m. hour and looked up Menominee, Wis., and I found a 1950 city directory, which I’d found on phone before but couldn’t read. The Vasey Insurance Agency—Paul Vasey & Winston Vasey—was at 616 Broadway, and Anchor Cafe—[my great-grandmother] Alice’s old restaurant—was at 620 Broadway, and those directions might be south Broadway now, judging by the Google maps view of Menominee today, and it looks like those buildings are torn down, replaced with a parking lot. And I found a Dunn Co., Wis., history, 1925, listing biographical info for Wes Vasey and Fannie Cockeram, my great-great grandparents, and their parents, Francis & Phoebe Doughty Vasey (she born 1847 in Bloomington, Ill.) and Osmond Cockeram and wife Ann Rick, immigrants from England in 1851. And yes, it’s the Doughtys, I guess, who got the D.A.R. connection [wanted by some in my family], but these other family connections to the old country can be quite valuable in finding those who could connect me to England, whose records I could read, unlike my Swedish & German ancestors.

And so, yeah—and yeah—planted in 7 p.m. hour, blogged about 8-9:30, did load of socks.

[From journal of Mon., 23 April 2018, Journal 275, page 103-4]

See also Phoebe Alice Doughty Vasey here.

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