Animated pipe-laying with metallic “clunk” foley

So, only 24 minutes left of journal time. Let’s try for the 6-minute page! But first, a rice-check. Rice OK. So, yesterday, gave out stickers, on a whim, to 9th & 10th hours. And S___ and A___, in 1st hour, after school demanded theirs. It was a bit of a demand.

And what else? Oh, and chiropractic adjustment and B___s were at M’s. I stopped and chatted before chiro and then home … And what else? Watched a Nature special on PeeBS about misfit animals—three-toed sloths and whatnot—and started to watch “How we got to now” with Steve Johnson—how Chicago jacked up the city to make way for sewers but I only watched a few minutes, as it started to do that PeeBS thing where there’s 10 minutes of info in a 50-minute show. The rest is slick graphics (in this case, animated pipe-laying with metallic “clunk” foley for each new segment laid), and the host shows you all these things you don’t really need to see, like a horse and a wheelbarrow of horse sh!t to remind us of what cities looked like pre-sewer.

And so I turned it off, lay on the ground and read 8:15 to 9:10. Coulda gone to bed early but didn’t. Bed at 10. Did a load of towels. Took me three times of rebalancing an unbalanced (thudding) load. And had hot dogs for dinner and carrot cake and watched MASH and kinda wanted to do that.

[From journal of Thurs., 16 Oct. 2014, 5:54 a.m., Journal 200, page 46-7]

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