I’ll try using the paper-bag journal next

Maybe I’ll try using the paper-bag journal next, you know? I’ve made a few kraft-paper books before but haven’t used them. I guess I’m afraid it’ll be hard to write. I’ll need thicker markers on the dark paper—though it won’t likely be any coarser than that narrow book of watercolor paper I used last year for journal. And maybe kraft paper is acidic and won’t last more than a few years. Eh, so what? Why not give it a shot?

Just now dog’s outside and in the sun in R___’s yard between our houses, and E__ had his drone flying and kids at B____s’ were out and it’s sunny and nice out, really.

Ok, reading online, Wikipedia—”kraft” means strength. A German process. Lower lignin and less acid (mostly NaOH, sodium sulfide) but there are chems used for anti-tearing properties, possibly including urea formaldehyde and/or melamine formaldehyde. So, shoot, I don’t know if it’s OK to use and keep or not —but probably it’s no big deal.

Just got the sound-ding of an email—from D__! Maybe I’ll wait and read it later, keep it as a treat for later.

[From journal of Sun., 19 Februaree 2017, Journal 246, page 249-50]

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