And here I find myself once again

And here I find myself once again.

Stopped by mom and B__’s. Helped with a couple minor computer things,  showed off my local history website. (Dog just went out onto the deck.) … I came up via Limerick (named supposedly after Irish immigrants from there, I read in (I think) the 1976 Bicentennial history) and Marrill. Got car gas. M had texted there was a pizza order. I got home and M said dog had been nervous again about deck pops. He and I walked just around the block ‘cuz it was a little late, but we could’ve walked [a longer path], but it was cold (16° F or so), and I just didn’t feel like it. And now I’m here and I’m sleepy. I mean, I got to bed about 9 and slept well but I’ve been tired for several days now. It’ll take a few days.

Dog paw-clawed at deck door glass.

And what else? Oh, colors on previous page were chosen without looking.

Mom commented that I know a lot about local history—which would be a way of saying that I’m talking too much.

[From journal of Fri., 21 Feb. 2020, 5:50 a.m., Journal 318, page 41-2]

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