We were supposed to get 5–10 inches of snow overnight.

We were supposed to get 5–10 inches of snow overnight. Maybe Rochelle got more than we did — it’s 9″ deep in drifts, like on our sidewalk when dog and I went out there this morn — but in the road — dog and I walked past Randy shoveling and Ryan K. — I think — in his truck with window open, talking to Randy? I’m not sure — and we walked E___ to L___, up to W____, but wind was from north (and 18° F., A.M. TV said) and we came south on L___ and back east on E___. Dog’s gone out once on deck but I see no tracks further than 4 feet from the door. There was an alert on my phone — it’s charging. I can check it later. I don’t feel  like moving just now. … Made buttered noodle’s for dinner. Snow was up to dog’s chest in spots. He didn’t roll in any of it, though. I wonder way. Ryan K. truck stayed in the E___ area near Randy for a while — minutes — after we’d passed by and eventually that black truck turned north on T__. And let the words pour —  not that I’m usually organized but I’m feeling it even less so today. 

[From journal of Fri., 9 Feb. 2018, Journal 268, pg. 216-7]

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