There’s a bench nearby but it’s still in the sun

1:30 p.m.-ish. Parked on Church Street, across Church Street from the new federales courthouse. M’s there on L___ case. I keep hearing a thunking, like a pile driver — really, in this day and age? Well, I guess they do still need to drive piles. There’s a nice big greenspace lawn here outside courthouse — makes Rockford look nicer than it normally looks downtown. Jim Morrison passed through my thoughts now, not sure why. It’s about 90° but with low humidity, doesn’t seem so bad. Morrison — the idea of Morrison — somehow connected in my mind to the Hawk’s Nest restaurant here to my left. Sitting here outside courthouse now — on the ground — there’s a bench nearby but it’s still in the sun. I had that sense of my butt getting warmed — that feeling that prompted the thought, “I didn’t know I had been cold.”

The pile-driving sound — a dull metallic banging — sounds like it’s southeast of here, maybe at the Amerock building they’re gonna take down — so I thought I had read in Rockford Register-Star. There’s a shallow — not even 6-inch deep — pool of water out from here, and a concrete quasi-structure out from here — like buttresses, but not flying ones, maybe. I’m having these thoughts — maybe this is where the Morrison thought comes in — the sunny, happy, day — like I’d like to have that joyful-sunny-day kid feeling. Ah, but you can’t force that, of course. No reason I can’t be happy now, anyway, you know? I’m just sitting here, with no place to go. It’s warm out but not bad in the shade. The bench is now shaded — benches have labels : “” and “2010” and a W & T logo … — I could go inside but there’s no place to sit inside without going through security (probably on purpose, that). We went to old federal courthouse — I didn’t know where it was. It’s just a block south of county courthouse. M went there first because she wasn’t sure if they’d moved yet [sun’s midway or 3/4 through a 12″ block tile at 1:54. It seemed to go through the previous foot very quickly]. Cute young woman in jeans & yellow blouse just came out of courthouse — she went in soon after I had gotten here. 1:56 — it’s almost a quarter of the way into next block, from 3/4 to 1/4 = 1/2 block (6″ in 2 minutes?), —  woof, sun be movin’ today.

Still the bench seat is warm — and I’ve got a back rest up here against the building. Well, I played a bit of frisbee with dog this morn, then started watering before 10:30, finished about noon. Watered all the plants around the house, including bushes I hadn’t watered before. [(1:58) Shadow edge is up to the next full brick — so 12″ in less than 4 minutes!]

[From journal of Weds., 27 June 2012, Journal 162, pages 26-7]

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