I was sorta too tired to not be grumpy with others

Well, went to mom’s for breakfast, stayed until 2:30. How nice an entertaining space the barn is, nice with all that wood around. I talked to B__ for long time about schools and measuring objective performance criteria for job evaluation. I was sorta too tired to not be grumpy with others (I sensed I was about to make a lot of negative categorical statements — as I did to B___, for example, how dumb the decision to …. and also how … (it strikes me now, maybe I shouldn’t have said these things to someone in the educational community. Oh, well, sure it’ll be fine). And so instead of burdening others with my kvetching, I kept it to B___, and I listened to his, and I tried making a couple points, but realized B__ didn’t really want to listen, he wanted to talk, and that’s OK. I stopped trying to make points — why TRY anyway — it felt like trying. All the little niches Mom has in that barn for storing objects. The [facial tissue] box rests at an angle on one of the beam supports.

[From journal of Sun., 12 March 2006, Journal 65, page 85]

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