I can’t imagine I’d end up in a relationship better than this one!

Saw and photo’d a bumblebee on the flowers of the winter-surviving Brussels sprout. That was yesterday. 6:21 — time to go make eggs. Oh, M said yesterday, after I told her about [a local married couple], that if I was considering having an affair, I should let her know so she’d have a chance to change — lose weight or whatever (though losing weight seems hard for her, she’d do it, she said). That was sorta sweet and sorta weird of her to say — a relationship as transactional as that. It’s good to know she feels that devoted to us, though — as I am, too, to her, of course. But I wouldn’t want affair — I can’t imagine I’d end up in a relationship better than this one! I don’t know what “better” would even look like. M and I are friends, we like being in each other’s company — and if [local couple] aren’t like that, then maybe I can understand their unhappiness.

[From journal of Thurs., 30 May 2019, Journal 303, pgs. 82-83]

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