People do still learn for themselves

People still do learn for themselves. Much of life is that way — each person figuring out how to live it. Even people who went to school still figure out their own lives. But I wonder if perhaps those people’s faith in their own judgment and abilities has been weakened by school system. 

M last night: she and I have had a shift in values/perspective, from the Western to the Eastern, from material to spiritual, however it could be described, but the key is this: I can’t directly explain my feelings … to other people because if you haven’t made this shift in perspective, my ideas won’t make much sense to you. One needs a new perspective in order to understand these ideas. People in general will simply reject these ideas as unreal, overblown, or just wrong. 

[From journal of 12 Sept. 2003, Journal 34, pages 253-4]

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