We’re not about creativity. This is journalism.

They’re not my words. Some are others’ words and the rest are common words — everyone’s words. I just put words in order — yeah, it’s my order, maybe. 

I’m not bitter about my life — when I said “except [M] and my garden, my life sucks.” I’m not whining here. I’m just dissatisfied with how my construction turned out. I used to say last fall I was making — constructing — my life: apartment, job, etc. I’m just not happy with my (art) work at this point. I’d knock all the blocks down and start over if I could. New design. 

G. H., UI soybean scientist, said he does a literature survey to see what’s been done before and he thought I’d want to do the same thing [for my agriculture newspaper story]. Sorry, nope, I said. We assume that our readers don’t read other magazines. It’s not like we’re donating our unique piece to the overall knowledge puzzle, like scientists or artists do. We’re not about creativity. This is journalism. Each publication does the same thing — and it’s not as if we all are really so unique in our reporting or out approaches/slants or writing. We’re not separate voices. We’re homogenous and numerous, each starting from scratch — but not really, because we all (all the journalists of ag mags, for instance)  talk to same sources. 

[From journal of 16 May 1997, Journal 17, page 123-4]

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