Sammy this morning rolled on a dead possum

Sammy this morning rolled on a dead possum in the former pasture. I was taking pics of red-wing black bird. And what else? I’m hungry. And Papa’s van’s outside, running, waiting to go to church. It got quiet — did Papa shut if off?

M said her mom, as they were sitting on street bench Friday night, made the comment, after someone drove by with a loud muffler, “what else did you get for Xmas?” I said Mrs. B would be hilarious, in that cranky old person way, if she wasn’t so much into the positive thinking.

Back at 8:58, after taking video of some bird songs and making cereal (well, washing a bowl for cereal). So — what else is there to talk about today? The world’s still here — but the fear of the idea of end of world is sticking with me, a little — a sign I am a little obsessive. M’s taking laundry downstairs to wash.

[From journal of Sun., 22 May 2011, Journal 141, page 5-6]

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