I was showing pictures of piles of legs after Civil War surgeons cut them off

I was showing pictures of piles of legs after Civil War surgeons cut them off of wounded soldiers. B___ said he got bad news about his leg. He’s left class everyday at 2:40, today, too, though I realized it’s “FLEX” Thursday and the pass said 2:45 but we’ll be out at 2:15. I told B___ he can leave whenever — he has a A PASS! What can we school people do to keep him here?! Nothing — not if he’s got a pass. Then I___ joked about taking B____’s crutch.

Topic today is weird food. [My memory recalled] beaver balls [my uncle L.] made back in mid-’80s (when I saw that beadwork turtle and fixated on wanting to own it. I didn’t feel like I was immature then, but I don’t do that sort of obsessing now …).

I’m not sure I said well, earlier today, the sense of calm I’ve felt lately. So, I did add one grade to each class last hour in In-School Suspension [supervision duty]. I was alone and read about Ford and Chevy cutting their car lines last year and losing brand loyalty and then I updated grades enough to not trigger a notification … though I’ve still got big stacks of papers to grade at some point, but I don’t need to pressure self.

“Borch,” said B.D. yesterday to me after she’d called R. “b*tch” and thought I was correcting B.D. But I thought she’d said “porch.”

[From school journal of Thurs., 14 Nov. 2019, Period 10, Journal 312, pages 88-9]

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