I have long struggled to figure out where my writing could fit

I have long struggled to figure out where my writing could fit among the acceptable — published — writings, and only recently have I been willing to be unique and say, f**k it, I write what I write, I’ll make my own niche. That takes some gusts, even in the arts — how I wondered why [a local artist] was willing to do her cartoony style when she could have chosen more typical representations. But she choose, at some point, at some level, to be unique, to keep her own style. … and so, yeah, here we are. And the other part of my acceptance was to say, you know, I’m just not gonna worry about comparing myself to others. I’m not gonna worry that my peers are more accomplished or make more money. I’m gonna be happy with the money I make now! As M said, we aren’t in desperate need of money, so we’re fine! What more would more money do for us, you know?

[From journal of Mon., 14 July 2008, Journal 103, page 111]

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